Aims and Objectives


Scene N is a performing art school placed in Nørrebro - a multicultural area of Copenhagen. The school works with performing art created by, with and for children from the local community. The aim of the school is to recruit children that normally do not meet or engage in art and culture in their everyday. The school provides a room for the children to develop and express themselves artistically, as individuals and in groups with other children. 

The methods of the performing art practice on Scene N is based upon three key principles: 
1) To find a level of high quality
2) To provide a room for children’s own expressions and creation
3) To promote a sense of community – we create together and we are equally important. 
These principles are recurrent in all activities – from short workshops to working with big shows. It has a good impact on the children that they feel an ownership in the processes, they are a part of a professional set-up and they are taken seriously as creating performing artists. 
Scene N is known in the local community and attracts children both from disadvantaged and advantaged backgrounds. At the school the children’s backgrounds are not important, they are joined in the artistic processes together with professional artists. 
Scene N is working in close cooperation with cultural houses and theatres as well as local institutions, schools and residential areas. These connections are very important for engaging the community and involving children at risk of exclusion. The school make contacts with the children directly through workshops in the local community, schools and after school activity centres. At the same time, it is very important to get in contact with the parents and invite them to performances so they can support the children’s interests. Scene N is open for all and free of charge. It is supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture and the local community of Nørrebro.

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