Workshop with music and art at Skogstrollet

Children aged 4-5 years. Singing with different purposes: singing as a native language and song as a method of learning the Swedish language. Movement, dance and focus on body language. Look at yourself and others and create images based on what you see / feel.

Aims and Objectives


We start by sitting in a ring on the floor. It is important that everyone sees each other and that all adults participate. We start singing a song where each child tells us their name and we repeat all the names and sing "Fun that you are here" to each child. This initial song is about 20 minutes long and the songs are about the body and how to use it in motion and dance, that we are all different but still alike. We are training in focusing and letting others stand at the center. After the initial song we go into the part of the workshop that is about beeing creative with image and form. Prior to this moment, the educators at the preschool have photographed the children's eyes and printed them on paper. We start with the children finding their own among all the different eyes. We talking that everyone has eyes but that everyone looks different. The children may cut their eyes and glue them on a large piece of paper. Then they create self-portrait. With watercolor, they paint nose, mouth, eyebrows, hair, skin tone, etc. With the help of the mirror they can get a picture of what they look like. A boy puts the weight on his shirt and paint the pattern in orange and blue throughout the face of his portrait. When everyone is finished with their portraits, they put the brush away and look at themselves in the mirror. Together we sing "You are so nice and I like you. Nobody is as nice as you in the whole world. "The workshop ends with singing songs that tell you that "You are nice", "You are good as you are" and "Think how good we are." This workshop is followed by a workshop that follows the same layout, but where the children get painted by a friend instead of doing self-portrait.

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