Family workshops in an Art museum

The language of selfies - photography workshop for families and Barbara the traveler-drawing workshop for families.

Aims and Objectives

  • Inclusion


In the first workshop a study of different selfies were made and looked at how it can be used to express oneself, the environment or social position. A professional photo studio was set up in the museum, giving participants a chance to create a different kind of selfie. The languages of the workshop was Icelandic, Arabic, French, English and German and the focus was to build up communication between different cultures and languages through creative work. The second workshop was a multilingual workshop for all families. The workshop was inspired by artist and illustrator Barbara Árnason and concepts of the traveler, but Barbara herself immigrated to Iceland from England in 1937. Participants created their own drawings and factual or fictional travel stories. The workshop took place in multilingual setting exercising communication through art making. Guides spoke in Polish, Icelandic, Arabic, French, English and German.

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