The Art EQUAL platform is for early years professionals who wish to provide a central space for art and culture in children’s everyday lives. Art EQUAL promotes collaboration and dialogue with art and culture professionals with the aim of developing new perceptions and ideas on how to work with artistic and aesthetic processes in everyday pedagogical practice.

Aims of the platform

To support the rights of all children to have access to and participate in art and culture activities

To inspire and help professionals in early childhood education and care to integrate art and culture into their pedagogical practice

To promote inclusive, open-minded and playful learning environments through artistic and cultural activities.
To open up to a new understanding of aesthecic experiences and learning processes throguh cross-sectorial collaborations

Platform Contents

The ART EQUAL platform features supporting tools, inspirational material, tips and recommendations for childcare services, kindergartens and schools on how to set up collaborations with professional artists and cultural institutions.


Explore a range of good practical examples and narratives from previous projects and workshops where childcare services have collaborated with art and culture professionals.


How do I keep an eye on the ball? The tool contains different models that can support the processes of observing, reflecting and learning from your own practice in art-based activities. The tool is build upon hands-on experiences from collaborations between professions and how these have influenced the learning environment.


The training material is directed at childcare services, kindergartens and schools who are starting up practical collaborations with art and culture professionals. The training material has a series of exercises and tips to help both sets of professionals and their managers document and reflect on their work.


A publication describing the ideas and concepts behind the Art EQUAL project, including; hands-on tools based on action learning, monitoring and evaluation processes and examples of good practice.


How to set up a collaboration with a professional artist or cultural worker? What do I need to consider beforehand, and how do I prepare my colleagues for the activities? How do we ensure the children’s participation in the processes? The Art EQUAL partners share their tips and ideas ....


How do I get my local municipality involved in art and culture programmes for children? How do we integrate art and culture in the everyday lives of children? The implementation strategy contains state-of-the-art reports from the Art EQUAL partner countries, and guidelines on how to set up collaborations and involve local stakeholders and authorities.

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